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Here is a selective list of the services we have provided since 2002 to our clients and we continue to provide to our current and future clients:

  • Project Management (Business and Technology Solutions) using your choice of Waterfall, Hybrid or Agile Delivery models with highly experience, highly trained professionals in the field (Digital Solutions via Web and Mobile Platforms).
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence based Solutions in Financial Technology, Fraud Prevention, Market Risk Assessment and Predictive Analysis, Recommender Systems for Self-Managed and Assisted Customer Channels, Fast Tracked Service Provisioning with AI-based Adjudication and many more.
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions and Migration Services for medium to large sized organizations in Financial Services sector.
  • Remote Team Management and Globally Dispersed Solution Delivery Pipelines based on Cloud Solution Architecture (Low Latency, High Availability, Localized Content and Service targeting).